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Anti-Static Packaging (ESD)


What is Anti-Static Packaging?

Our anti-static packaging protects electronic components and devices from damage caused by electrostatic discharge. It is made with plastic polyethylene terephthalate and comes in various forms, including:

  • Anti-static bags
  • Anti-static foam
  • Anti-static bubble wrap
  • Anti-static wrap

Special Attention for Every Item

Let our shipping and packaging professionals take care of your important electronic shipping needs. We can responsibly ship and store:

All Electronics including:

  • Computers
  • Servers
  • Large printers
  • Monitors
  • Gaming consoles
  • TVs
  • Projectors
  • Stereo equipment
  • Electronic components

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Each type of asset has unique packaging requirements. We maximize in-transit safety by carefully assessing how best to package every device or component, never utilizing a generalized approach but considering several aspects of the item, where it’s going, and how it’s getting there.

Our years of experience have afforded us considerable insight into successful packaging strategies. We have streamlined services that complement each other, delivering incredible results for your individual needs, goals, and requirements.

If an effective, efficient shipping plan is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. We’re ready to safely ship or store your electrical equipment.

How Does Anti-Static Packaging Work?

When static electricity builds up, it can generate powerful electrical charges that cause harm to electrical components. Anti-static packaging materials effectively remove this possibility, as they do not carry a charge, making it impossible for static electricity to damage the packaged and protected asset.

Anti-Static Packaging with Skilled Handling of Devices and Components in Nashville

  • Craters & Freighters is known worldwide for its high-quality packaging solutions and materials. Our Nashville-based shipping location is no different. We offer the most advanced anti-static essentials, including wraps, cushioning, and barriers that keep electrostatic discharges from damaging even the most sensitive items.
  • Electrical discharges can destroy electrical mechanisms such as computer chips, electronic assemblies, and circuit boards, so using ESD (electrostatic discharge/anti-static) packaging with these kinds of sensitive assets is vital.
  • At Craters & Freighters Nashville, our professionals understand what it takes to keep your items safe during transit or while in storage. We know the ins and outs of the shipping stream and have a comprehensive list of solutions to safeguard your assets throughout their journey.

Choosing the Right Packaging Materials

We use the highest quality materials, providing complete protection for your sensitive electronics. Some of our materials include:

Our electronics packaging professionals have helped IT businesses, electronics companies, mechanical engineers, and offices of all sizes move their electronic devices. We’re trusted because we provide the level of support you expect from shipping industry leaders.

Contact us to learn more about our anti-static packaging and how our team can be of service to you.

Comprehensive Shipping Solutions

If you’re looking for shipping services in Nashville, we’ve got them. We know that you have priorities, and finding an excellent shipping company that caters to all of your needs is important to your success. Let us help you.

Some of the specialized services we offer include:

We invite you to reach out to us to learn more about our shipping and packaging solutions; we’d love to help with your upcoming electronics shipment.

Custom Crating and Packaging

Finding the best packaging and shipping plan for you is essential to the safety of your item. We have the solutions, experience, and support you want in a Nashville electronics shipping company.

At Craters & Freighters, we approach each project with a thorough assessment so we can design a custom solution. We offer custom wooden crating, custom packaging methods, and streamlined shipping services, making us your one and only stop for all your shipping needs.

On-Site Packaging and Crating Services

Because we work with so many different electronics-related assets and components, we know that getting those large, heavy, fragile, and awkward items to us for safe handling may prove difficult. Don’t worry; we can come to you.

Our team has everything necessary to design and build the perfect packaging and crating supports on-site at your location. Our on-site specialists will engineer exactly what you need, wherever we need to do it.

Contact us to learn more about our on-site crating solutions.

Why Choose Craters & Freighters For Your Electronics Shipment?

Craters & Freighters has a global support network, ensuring your shipment is successful. We have in-house teams of logistics experts, custom packaging designers and engineers, customer service specialists, and a broad spectrum of services that nurture the smoothest process for your project.

If you need electronics shipping, our anti-static packaging professionals will contribute to a safe, secure shipment. Contact us today, and let’s get started.

Get a fast, free, no-obligation cost estimate on your packaging project.

Provide your shipping requirements and details, and let us give you an estimate you can count on. Concerned that we can’t handle your shipment? Contact us; we’ll come out and take a look at your items and come up with a plan you like. Serving most of Tennessee and Alabama, including Nashville & Chattanooga, TN, and Birmingham & Huntsville, AL.